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DevOps Engineer Associate at Cognizant Do you thrive in a collaborative environment and enjoy automating tasks to improve efficiency?  Do you have a passion for DevOps and cloud technologies? If so, then Cognizant wants to hear from you! We are seeking a DevOps Engineer Associate to join our high-cali…

Build Cutting-Edge Adobe Products - Software Development Engineer - Apply Now -GETLIVEJOB

Adobe Noida Seeks Software Development Engineer


Job Title: Software Development Engineer

Company: Adobe

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Company Overview

Briefly highlight Adobe's reputation as a leader in creativity and digital experiences.
Mention tools/software Adobe is known for (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) to attract candidates familiar with their products.

Position Overview

  • Is this a new role or replacement? A brief sentence helps frame the opportunity.
  • Describe the core focus of the work (e.g., building new features, improving existing products, cloud-based solutions).


  • List 3-5 main responsibilities, focusing on actions and outcomes.
  • Example: "Design and implement scalable web applications to enhance Adobe's Creative Cloud suite."

Skills & Competencies

  • Programming languages (Java, Python, etc.)
  • Frameworks and technologies relevant to the role
  • Soft skills (collaboration, problem-solving)

Candidate Specifications

  • Experience: Entry-level, Mid-level, Senior (state the range)
  • Education: Required degree and area of study (e.g., B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Science)


Highlight 2-3 attractive benefits offered by Adobe to stand out.

Apply Link:
  • Adobe Software Development Engineer
  • Adobe Jobs
  • Software Engineer Jobs
  • Build Adobe Products
  • Cutting-Edge Software
  • Noida (if the location is essential)
  • Specific technologies (e.g., Java, C++, Python) if those are core to the role
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Development

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